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On 2 November, 2012 by mathjorgensen


Here is the revised version of the coloured spheres I painted for the class I am taking part in. I am a lot happier with how they came out the second time around:

Lighted Spere Homework 2 - MathiasJ

We have started a new task in my painting class. During every class we now do 30 minutes of warm up sketches to begin with, here are a few of the ones I did. They were each 60 second sketches. I was told it’s still very chicken scratchy and that I have to increase the importance of each stroke and instead of having lots of bad strokes try to focus on making just a few good ones to portray form. Unfortunately I can’t efficiently do these on my laptop due to its small monitor, but I may give it a shot later on:


We were then told to pick the sketch we felt was the best one and to take it to a full illustration. I picked this one:

Which ended up looking like this:
Gesture Sketch Illustration

Still very chicken scratchy. I definitely need to learn to use smooth and hard transitions in Photoshop.

For next class we have to make a landscape side-by-side with its reference photo, I am looking forward to this as I really enjoy landscapes. Still fail at making them, but it’s fun!

I have to get a project done for the education I am doing with my job, but after that is done I just have exams to go and I will have the certificate some time next year, then I will finally be able to dedicate a lot more time to art. My plan with art at the moment (which changes every few days!) is to just mass produce a lot of crap work. Sketches, studies, paintings. They are all going to look rubbish, but hopefully with every failure I will fail a little bit less next time and eventually get to a point where I am slightly more comfortable with my images (if such a point exists!)

That’s enough for now as I will be adding another little update as well!


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