Update: 11.10.12

On 11 October, 2012 by mathjorgensen


Bit on the quiet side again, but not due to lack of effort!

I’ve been going to the British Museum to get some more sketching done. Tiresome thing with lots of standing around and observing various items but it can be quite interesting really!

I also discovered this whole new room in the museum that I hadn’t seen before. I didn’t have time to read about it, but it looked like some sort of active study area as it was filled with all kinds of different items such as statues, books, drawings, maps, skeletons and stuffed animals.

I will most definitely go back there next time to cast a second glance at the place!

I’ve purchased some markers in a few basic grey colours to start out with. Mainly because they were rather expensive at £6 per marker! They are real interesting though and I am looking forward to learning to incorporate them into my sketches.

I am trying to be a bit more active on the Crimson Daggers forums (forum for artists of all calibres to get in contact). At the moment I have signed up to do an illustration for a environment concept challenge that. That’s what I am working on slowly most evenings at the moment. I haven’t done a full illustration before so I am trying to keep to all of the steps and at the moment that has me fleshing out simple thumbnails to explore and narrow down what the finals piece will look like, however, I only have till the 17th October where it needs to be uploaded so this weekend will get rather busy! I am quite enjoying the process of figuring out a credible scene though so I am not complaining really.

I have also signed up for a perspective mentoring class on the CR forums. Will find out next week whether I am accepted or not. If so my schedule for the next 8 weeks time will most likely be go to work, get home, eat, study, bed! But I am all right with that. I need to find out whether I can push myself that far and learning to do perspective with others will definitely be worthwhile so here’s hoping I get accepted. If not it’s not a huge loss I guess since I can still follow the lecture videos on-line, but I think the added drive of working with others and having a plan laid out will really help, but we shall see I guess!

At any rate I am keeping myself busy, that’s for certain. However, I need to go back to anatomy studies soon. I think I will try to split it up between doing full body studies and facial/portrait studies interchangeably to make the process more interesting and dynamic for myself.

Also, I have to commit to piece. At the moment I have about 3-4 digital pieces left unfinished and they each present a really good learning opportunity so I need to start telling myself to finish one before starting another. I think the problem is I just want to see if I can pull off the image so perhaps just limiting myself to a detailed thumbnail or sketch will be enough to satiate that need in the future. I will have to try out I guess.

I haven’t really done a lot of watercolours lately. Have had to neglect it in favour of the digital  challenge I am doing at the moment, but I want to get it finished and it shouldn’t take more than an evening to do so, once I can find the time again.

Saying that, it’s not so much finding the time as it is making the time. At the moment I am just too exhausted when I get home in the evening to immediately start studying which is presenting quite the problem. I really want to study but then when I try to I just can’t get myself to do so for the most part, and when I finally do it’s only for 3 hours or so. Changing bad habits is real damn hard it would seem, but I have to, there is no way around it.

That’s it for now.

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