“TROUBLEMAKERS” SESSION 26: Ancient buildings

On 10 October, 2013 by eraza

Hey hey,

During week 26 our topic for the Troublemakers was “Ancient buildings”:

Troublemakers - Session 026 - Ancient buildings 001

Troublemakers Session 026 - Ancient buildings 002

I decided to play around with a technique I haven’t tried before to make the perspective a bit easier for myself as I am still terrible at it.

First you go in with a slightly transparent warm grey marker to do your initial lay in and then afterwards you grab a multi-liner and do finer details.

In my case you just go in and scribble till there’s no tomorrow and ruin otherwise fine buildings!

Was pretty happy with my straight line control though. Wasn’t spot on but turned out better than expected.

Will probably be doing a LOT more of this type of stuff alongside other perspective drawings towards the end of the month as I will be receiving my copy of Scott Robertson’s “How to draw” book! Woohoo! Can’t wait. If I can learn  just a fragment from that book it should improve my drawing well and I do admire line work even though I am the last person to be able to do things like it.



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