“Troublemakers” Session 1: Skull study

On 29 March, 2013 by eraza


This is the first post to mark a new section on the site called “Troublemakers.”

I hang out with a small group of artists (who you can find the links for on the right hand side of the site!) using Google Hangouts.

Up until now we’ve just been hanging out together and having fun, helping each other out and occasionally doing small projects together. However, a week ago we decided to start doing things as a group on a regular basis.

So from now on we will be doing our best to get together on Tuesdays to study, draw, paint, sculpt, create and whatever else we can think of doing as a group to get better and broaden our horizons.

We will be using a simple random number system to figure out what we will be doing during every session. While the others will be working mainly digitally from what I can gather, I will be going with pencil and paper because I still feel like I at least need to understand traditional fundamentals before I make my way into digital art again. However, I may do some digital work once in a while if required by the assignment.

Last Wednesday we got together for our first session. As we were a bit short on time we thought we would start with something simple, Angelique thought of us simply copying a photograph of a human skull. Here’s my end result which took me roughly 2.5 hours:

Troublemakers Session 001 - Skull study

See you next week!



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