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On 29 March, 2013 by eraza

Hey again,

Been quiet for a little while. Would love to be able to say it’s because I’ve been working on some big project but unfortunately not.

I got a bit disheartened by the book I am studying and let it bleed into my regular routine, using it as an excuse to not do the work I should.

When I work it out I’ll update my book studies again, shouldn’t be too long hopefully!


Meanwhile, I’ve started a new thing which I will be posting about. I hang out with a couple of other artists who I have met online using Google Hangouts.

After a long time, we’ve decided to try to start actually actively studying together. It’s not going to be a huge thing, we’re just going to try and get together on Tuesdays to do some studies or projects together for a couple of hours. We tried it out last Wednesday and it was rather fun and I managed to really delve into my drawing and focus on it oddly enough. I am usually not good at talking and concentrating on drawing at the same time heh.

Will start a new post section called “Troublemakers” which has become the unofficial name of our little group. Will update once a week I should think and contain all sorts of random topics. Hope you’ll enjoy as I know I will!


I’ve been neglecting my weekly drawings. Partially because of the book but also because of the last one I did being about buildings which means perspective which has yet again bested me. Feel really bad about it, but will move on and figure out a new topic next week. Once I figure out how to draw in perspective better I will be sure to include the updates to the Siege Weapon and Buildings topics as should have been in the first place.


Also, I know the images on the site are messed up at the moment. Which, being a blog that center on visual imagery is a pretty big problem. Will try and fix it tonight!


Till next,



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