Portraits galore!

On 28 July, 2013 by eraza

Hey hey,

As mentioned in the last I wasn’t sure if I could get daily drawings done because I wanted to focus on portraiture this last week. And I couldn’t.

So no daily drawings this week. I did however get five portraits drawn to various successful degrees!

The first three are just done on toned paper with a pencil, white charcoal and a rubber.

The fourth one I did while at the British Museum. It’s of a bust of a supposed Roman heavy-weight boxer.

The fifth one was drawn first for reference then I tried to play around with watercolours after having watched some instructional videos.

Getting a better hang of water colours, though it’s still very tricky.

Portrait 003

Portrait 004

Portrait 005

Portrait 006

Portrait 007s

Still some underlying problems. Going to try and do some Andrew Loomis studies on the structure of the head to help with that.

Feature wise the eyes are still not believable though they ‘work’. The nose has gotten better, yet still lacks a bit of definition. While my mouths have improved they’re still missing the right shapes, flow and weight I think My ears have improved as well, but still seem to be disconnected from the rest of the head.

My speed hasn’t improved unfortunately. Still takes me about 2 hours time to do one of these. Though my strokes have become more confident and I am starting to be able to spot mistakes earlier on.

From next week I will be attending life drawing classes again to get back into figure drawing. To start with just Mondays, but in a month or two I’d like to go both Monday and Thursday if I can afford it.

Meanwhile I’ll be studying Andrew Loomis’ figure drawing book, focusing mainly on the head. Want to see if I can’t get to the point where I can draw at least structurally correct heads and faces from imagination.

That’s it for now,




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