PKMike Sketch Studies

On 9 May, 2013 by eraza

Hey again,

Just a quick update with something I’ve been working on as of late.

All of the below creatures are not my creations, they were created by an artist known as PKMike. I simply tried to copy them to observe and learn how to do shading better.

I really admire PKMike and what he’s able to create and I especially admire his sketches so I thought I would try to learn a bit from his work. Here’s one of the images I used as well as one of his galleries if interested:¬†



I did these copies during my lunch breaks at work over the course of a month or two using a ballpoint pen. Most of them took me about 30-60 minutes to do, except for the fifth one which was the final one I did which took me about 2-3 hours time:

PKMike Sketch Study #1 - 03

PKMike Sketch Study #2

PKMike Sketch Study #3

PKMilke Sketch Study #4

PKMike Sketch Study #5


I feel like I’ve learned a lot from trying to copy these drawings. My shading has gotten a bit better and I’ve become more confident in how to turn and create shapes and form.

Not sure artist studies will be a regular thing, but I would like to try and do it once in a while as I feel like it helps a lot. I am currently working on a few Leonardo Da Vinci drawings as part of the Troublemakers “Art History” session I missed and to learn profile drawing better. Should have these done sometime next week hopefully. Other than that I will be receiving the art book of Adrian Smith, one of my favourite artists in a week or two. He does a lot of pencil sketches and watercolours so I will most likely be trying to copy these slowly too.


For now though this is it!



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