Daily Drawings – Week 2 “Plants”

On 14 February, 2013 by eraza

Hi again,

During the 2nd week of my daily sketches I decided to try my hands at drawing plants.

I found out that they have very curvy lines and that they often have foreshortening to them.

I had problems figuring out how exactly to add value to them. Whether to go by their true local colours or to go by their form.

In the end I’ve found out that it reads the easiest using just form given I only use a limited amount of values, however, using more values I should probably take the local colour into account as well to really portray it as is.

Enough talk, here are the sketches!

Plants #4 Plants #5 Plants #6  Plants #1 Plants #2 Plants #3

Plants #7


Next week’s topic will be “Motorcycles”.

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