Daily Drawings – Week 3 “Motorcycles”

On 14 February, 2013 by eraza

Hey again,

Last quick update post to get the daily sketches on track. Next one will follow on Monday which should become the regular day for these posts to go up.

During the third week I wanted to draw something out of my comfort zone, and I have never really drawn mechanical things before.

I decided motorcycles would be a good place to start as they have a rather simple ‘formula’ to them.

I don’t know much about mechanical things, I was never brought up around them and never had a huge interest, but I learned a thing or two while doing these.

I also learned that drawing circles and ellipses can be tough as hell. I didn’t focus enough on this while doing the sketches, but I know what mindset to use next time I encounter wheels which will hopefully help me grasp them better.

Here are the sketches!

Motorcycles #3 Motorcycles #4 Motorcycles #5 Motorcycles #6  Motorcycles #1 Motorcycles #2 Motorcycles #7

Next week’s topic is “Fish”.




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