Daily Drawings Week 6 – “Trees”

On 4 March, 2013 by eraza

Hi again,

Yes, the week 5 post is missing. I started drawing siege weapons but realized my understanding of perspective isn’t quite yet up to scratch. While the sketches don’t look to bad, they took me a couple of hours to do each, which sort of defeats the purpose of a sketch, so I will put that topic on hold till I improve or at least get better at perspective so as to not waste too much time on these simple daily sketches!

However, this week the topic was fairly simple. The topic of week 6 was “Trees.” I’ve always wanted to be able to draw trees properly, there’s just something about their simplicity and the many ways they can appear that gets me. Unfortunately I didn’t completely nail them, I did improve a lot though and understand their construction better now, so all in all not too bad even though I made some mistakes here and there.

Here they are:

Trees #1 Trees #2 Trees #3 Trees #4 Trees #5 Trees #6 Trees #7


Next week’s topic is: “Mushrooms”




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