Daily Drawings Week 9 – “Birds”

On 7 May, 2013 by eraza


Had a horrible busy weekend and even bank holiday stuck at work. Wanted to get a whole bunch of art done to catch up again as well as start my watercolors again since the weather is becoming nice for it these days, but that all went out the window.


I did manage to start up my daily sketches again though, however, I’ve realized that they’re not¬†really sketches, so I will be changing their name to Daily Drawings. ¬†Alliteration makes it sound better anyway!


Anyway, this week I decided to try my hand at drawing birds and it went somewhat well. Still very cartoony drawings I end up doing but it’s getting better. Found out that feathers are horrible to draw though, they have a very distinctive pattern which I forgot to take into account on some of the drawings. Also, the final drawing from imagination looks way odd but ah well, got to keep drawing!

Birds #1

Birds #2

Birds #3

Birds #4

Birds #5

Birds #6

Birds #7


Next week’s topic is undecided.



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