03. 06. 2013

“TROUBLEMAKERS” SESSION 8: Old Dusty Room with Moonlight

Hey again! Been a bit. Not that I haven’t gotten things done, just not had the energy to get things posted. During the eight session of our study group we had to draw...

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07. 05. 2013

“Troublemakers” Session 6: Jungle

Hey, During this session we got the topic “Jungle.” As I don’t think my pencil skills are quite up for doing a full illustration yet I decided to just draw a flower from...

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02. 05. 2013

“Troublemakers” Session 3: Comic strip

Heya,   Been a while. Been rather busy at work lately which ended up hurting my art. Forgot to add this Troublemakers topic we did during the third week. Our topic was “Comic...

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02. 04. 2013

“Troublemakers” Session 2: Forced realism

Heya, We got together again to do our weekly group study and this week our random subject was “Forced realism.” The goal was to try and draw something with as many real features...

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29. 03. 2013

“Troublemakers” Session 1: Skull study

Heya, This is the first post to mark a new section on the site called “Troublemakers.” I hang out with a small group of artists (who you can find the links for on...

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