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Hey again,

Been a little while sine I’ve updated the Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain posts. Main reason being a mix of me not putting in as much time to drawing as I should and preparing (here and here) for this particular assignment from the book.

So what has had me quivering so much that I needed to take extra time to prepare for it? Profile drawings!

The assignment is to draw a person in profile. A real life, breathing, animated person who will sit there for me for two hours while I try to draw them.

This might not sound all too intimidating, and maybe it isn’t to everyone, but trust me when I say I was dreading it. I am still not that good an artist, and that was probably the biggest reason why I feared it so much.

I didn’t want to have to ask someone to sit down for 2 hours and then coming up empty handed.

My agreeing victim was a very good friend of mine, Phill, who very kindly agreed to me doing my best to draw him while he edited one of his short stories (he’s an author, you can find his blog here if interested WARNING: Mature content)

So we sat down, and I spent the first five minutes questioning Every. Single. Mark. I. Made! The reason for this is I haven’t drawn anyone before who was AWARE that I drew them. In fact, I’ve only ever drawn one other person and that was my grandmother on New Years eve without her knowing, being caught up in a game of cards! So this was the first time that anyone was ever aware of me trying to put their likeness onto paper and I know this will sound overly dramatic but to me that’s like baring my soul… constantly thinking he’s judging me, constantly feeling like I can’t pull it off and I’ll just disappoint him, or worse yet I’ll draw him way badly and it’ll hurt him. Perhaps I’m just a sappy oath, but to me those first five minutes were pretty nerve wrecking!

Then I took a deep breathe, looked at Phill for a few minutes, looked down at the paper again and completely disconnected from the fact that he was my friend, that I could never hope to recreate his likeness and that wanting to be an artist was a ridicoulus fantasy. And then I got lost in drawing once again, looking at angles, form, light and shadow instead of features, expressions and my friend that I see nearly every day of the week.

After 2 hours I then put down my tools, brushed up the drawing and put down the date and 5-year-olds’ scribble that I call a signature on the paper and called it done. Take a look:

Day 15 - Profile Drawing of Phill

While Phill wasn’t amused by the drawing, having given him a double chin (sorry bud, you were slumped down into the chair!) he did seem to think it resembled him.

So yeah, I just want to say a big thanks to Phill for giving me a hand with this. Hope it wasn’t too dull!

Now, I will be moving on with the book (finally!) The next chapter is about perceiving lights, shadows and the gestalt!

That’s it for now, will try and make sure the next assignment doesn’t take a month or more to upload!



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