About me

315859_4830465436768_554290464_n(1)Hi there.

My name is Mathias Jørgensen and I am an aspiring artist.

I was born and grew up in Denmark, a small northern European country known best for the children’s toy Lego, bacon and Carlsberg beer – odd mix, huh’?

In 2011 a friend of mine referred me to the market research company he worked for and on a whim, I went straight from high school to London to work there – and that is where I find myself to this day.

However, before I left Denmark I had become interested in art. My interest sprung from playing video games over the years and always finding myself lost in illustrations and concept art, amazed and in awe of what could be accomplished with pixels. I have always enjoyed doodling, but never thought art was an option for me as I had it engrained in me that in order to become an artist you had to have been born with a certain gene which gave you ‘natural talent’. Like many other people I would simply doodle my ideas, get annoyed with my results and put down the pencil till I felt inspired to try and fail again. However, then one day I stumbled upon the Ctrl+paint website by Matt Kohr who talked about art being a teachable skill rather than something that you were simply born with, and this opened up my eyes.

It was through the Ctrl+paint website that I discovered the art community Crimson Daggers which seeks to provide free art education through shared knowledge and a sense of community in a field which is prone to isolation.

Now I believe that with hard work, dedication and passion art is something attainable and recently I have realized how important it is to have support from other artists and friends as well (thanks guys!)

And that is exactly where this blog picks up from: Me trying to juggle working a full time job while teaching myself art in my spare time.

So if you’re interested, I invite you to follow along and if you get bold and decide to share your comments or ask questions I would be more than happy to go into discussion!



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