23.02.2013 Update

On 23 February, 2013 by eraza


Unfortunately this week I won’t be posting up my 7 daily sketches. My topic for this week was siege engines, but they have taken me way too long to do as they involve a lot more perspective work than I realized and I am not that well versed in perspective yet, so I will revisit this topic some other time. Next week the daily sketches will be back though with a simpler topic.

This may sound like me simply being a wimp and not putting in the time required to do this, and to some extent it is, however, it is also me realizing that even though I am doing a sketch a day, I am not spending my time properly. Tonight I spoke to a friend of mine and he told me that instead of always just hunkering down and doing studies I should remember to also make things of my own and even though I know the importance of painting from imagination it only just dawned on me just how useful it is and how ridiculous it is of me to ignore it.

I am going to try and stay true to that.

My daily sketches may end up suffering due to this as they have this week since the topic was just far harder to tackle for me than I had anticipated.

I’ll leave you with a photo study of a Chinese pond turtle – his name is Harry, or at least it is in my head:

Turtle Turtle rev1


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