09 December 2012

On 9 December, 2012 by mathjorgensen


Another quick update.

My Christmas holiday has started early this year due to having some excess days to take off work. For the next almost-month I will be able to devote a lot more time to drawing and painting and I am hoping by the end of it that I’ll have made some significant improvement!

Yesterday some people on the Crimson Daggers Skype group started doing hangouts via Google +. Having never used Google + I had no idea this even existed. You’re basically able to connect to a bunch of people online and video chatting with them as well as sharing your computer screen. This means we can actually share ourselves working on paintings/drawings live with each other which is amazing! I had a really fun time meeting new people and actually getting to discuss art with people in a similar situation to mine. Will definitely be doing this in the future as it really helped me focus on my image as well =)

If you’re reading this, cheers guys!

Yesterday I was doing a bit of work on my simple shape faces, didn’t get too far but managed to render out a bit more of the second face. I then went to the orc painting I am doing and made some significant changes to it which which I am happy with. It’s not done yet, but here’s what it looks like just now:

Orc - Painting rev1

Today, I have unfortunately fallen ill with a fever and a sore throat. Will go out and purchase a bunch of medicine and tea to hopefully get the jump on this bug and get rid of it early on!

In other news I started a community challenge on the Crimson Daggers forum to do an album cover for a band. Unfortunately so far no one seems interested, but I will use it myself as an opportunity to try and learn some square format composition and maybe even render a full image!

My plan for this holiday is to spend a much time as I can on doing photo studies of portraits and landscapes to add more realism to my work as I have thus far been building it mainly on a lot of free-thinking which means I have a lot of horrible flaws! Landscapes will also be a good way to learn a bit more about colour, light and depth.

I watched a demo of a class on dynamic sketching today and it really intrigued me. My line work is horrible so I think I will be purchasing some materials and working with a pen to hopefully gain more confident stroke.

During the next few days I will also be getting ready for my trip back to Denmark for Christmas by getting a bunch of chores and such done and make a few gift purchases and then I am off! Can’t wait to see my family again, this year we even have a little addition which is my sister’s baby boy who I can’t wait to finally meet =)

That’s it for now.


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