02 December 2012

On 2 December, 2012 by mathjorgensen

Hi again,

Last Thursday I did six exams for the education I am taking at work and according to my tutor I passed them all. Yay me!
So this weekend I’ve been relaxing a bit and reward myself with getting lost in various art stuff! Not done a ton, but kept myself busy.
Got really annoyed at my performance with my below speed paint of the surface research vehicle so I decided to hunker down and do some perspective drawing and such to see where I went wrong. 2 hours later my head was near cracking as I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to translate the shape I have in my head onto a digital canvas. I made some great progress though and managed to learned a bit more about perspective drawing which is good at least. I will keep working on it till I get it right.
Though I was defeated my by own failure to grasp perspective drawing, I still wanted to do more so I thought I would try my hands (and head) at another portrait drawing, however, I needed to spice it up a bit more so I decided to do one of a live action role player who had been made to look like an orc instead!
Below is the initial sketch of the face that I did which took about 45 minutes time I think:
Orc - Sketch
I am quite pleased with it. There are some obvious mistakes, but I can see my own improvement and I am happy with it. This is one of the first images I have made where I have been able to change things as I went along without too much effort and thought behind it and I really enjoyed it.
The reason I’ve improved this much is most likely due to the various exercises I’ve had to do for my art class and I am so thankful for my teacher taking the time to provide this education for free and so openly. She makes a big effort to help everyone, and it is really working.
I decided to spend a bit longer on the image and go into the painting phase as I’ve had ┬áhard time to transition from drawing into painting previously. After about an hour this is where the painting is at:
Orc - Painting
Over the next few weeks I’ll most likely be working on the above painting as well as the surface research vehicle one to alternate between an organic painting (orc) and a more mechanical one (research vehicle) to both spread my learning a bit but also to keep my attention focused as I have a bad habit of not finishing things because I get uncomfortable with where they are at (I have a folder of about 5 images that are unfinished at the moment… have to do something about that!)
Tomorrow I will be finishing off my last project for the education I am taking at work and then that will be that (hopefully!). After that I’ll be able to devote a bit more time to drawing and painting.
Current plan is to do a bunch more facial studies (incl. mouth, nose, eye, ear studies) as well as copying real life portraits and to switch this up with doing some landscape studies to improve my sense of depth and knowledge of light and colour.
At some point I will have to start really focusing on perspective drawing as my line work is horrendous and even though my understanding of perspective is on a basic level I really want to learn some more advanced things and start to naturally be able to incorporate perspective into images.
So much will happen during the Christmas holidays, and so much will continue to happen once the new year starts =)
That’s it for now.

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