“Troublemakers” Session 3: Comic strip

On 2 May, 2013 by eraza



Been a while. Been rather busy at work lately which ended up hurting my art.

Forgot to add this Troublemakers topic we did during the third week. Our topic was “Comic strip”.

This is what I came up wit:


Troublemakers Session 3 - Comic strip


Not overly happy with it. It gets the joke across, but rendering quite obviously falls on its face.

Friend of mine called Rian helped me with figuring out the rendering, not done a lot of digital art lately so to be expected that I am overly rusty hah. Was somewhat happy with the feel I got when rendering the first dragon.

Fourth week I didn’t take part in. The topic was “Art hitory” and being rather busy at week I didn’t feel like undertaking quite something like that. The fourth week’s topic was cyber samurai.

This week’s topic, week five, is “Jungle.” Done a drawing of a jungle flower so far, but will try and get a few more done over the weekend.


Take care

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