On 27 August, 2013 by eraza

Hey again,

The topic for this week’s Troublemakers study group was “Wolf.”

As I’ve been getting into digital again lately I tried my hand at first painting a wolf portrait. Then I decided to play around with some colours as well.

Next day I felt like doing more so I tried doing some line drawings as well. Tough stuff! Still need to improve my hand eye coordination with my stylus.

I did manage to narrow down a general mistake I make though. Two other artists looking at my stuff mentioned that I need to establish the planes of the subject before I go into detailing.

After doing my best to follow their advice I could see a significant improvement so I will try to remember to do this by my own accord in the future before going into the details.

Don’t get me wrong, it still doesn’t look that good, but it’s a nice improvement on what it was before!

Here’s what I came up with:

Troublemakers - Session 023 -  Wolf - Derpa Wolf BW

Troublemakers - Session 023 - Wolf - Derpa Wolf colour

Troublemakers - Session 023 - Wolf - Linedrawing #1

Troublemakers - Session 023 - Wolf - Linedrawing #2


That’s all the wolf studies for this week. Next week’s topic will be “Fairy tales redesigned.” Not sure I’ll be doing this one as things from imagination take me ages and I would rather want to spend the time studying various things at the moment.



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