“TROUBLEMAKERS” SESSION 22: Classical drawing

On 27 August, 2013 by eraza

Hi everyone,

Week behind with this one! Got it drawn, but just never got around to actually posting it. Woops!

During our 22nd session of the Troublemakers our topic was “Classical drawing.” So I went to the Victoria and Albert museum and tried to draw the statue of a woman.

Didn’t do too well. Still can’t draw the human figure worth a damn and especially not the dainty shapes and forms of women.

I also tried to draw a male torso playing around with some charcoal shading which came out a bit better but still not brilliantly:

Troublemakers - Session 022 - Classical Drawing #1

Troublermakers - Session 022 - Classical Drawing #2


Today you get a double post due to my forgetfulness!



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