On 11 June, 2013 by eraza


During the 10th session of our Troublemakers study group we got the topic “Peaceful lake.”

I haven’t done a lot of environment drawings so I wasn’t expecting anything amazing and it didn’t turn out that well either. I did however find that I am doing much better at piecing together images and getting the shapes down right in relation to each so I am rather happy with that at least. Hope to be doing some more environment studies in the future when I’ve gotten a bit more confident with portraits and the human body. Here’s what I came up with:

Troublemakers Session 010 - Peaceful lake


Next week’s topic will be “Candyland.”

Am currently working on some prep drawings for the profile drawing I will be doing of a friend. First one turned out better than expected, will do a few more though to make sure.

I’ve also been granted a holiday. 2 weeks in Denmark where I will be celebrating my grandmother’s birthday and seeing my family again. Can’t wait! Before I leave though I have a whole bunch of drawings and paintings I want to finish so the blog should be busy enough over the next month.




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