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On 29 October, 2012 by mathjorgensen

Hi all,

I started taking part in a portrait study class conducted by one of the members of the Crimson Daggers forums and I am quite enjoying it so far.

While my work hasn’t been that good so far, I have at least been learning a thing or two.

We started off the first class by mainly discussing what happens to a face when light hits it. We then got an assignment to do our best to paint a face. This is what I came up with:

1st Sketch (without study)

Next week we then reviewed the faces we had painted and our mentor went through each one and talked to the person about what they had done right/wrong etc. I am not that good at bringing out shape and forms yet with digital painting, so that’s the main thing I have to work on.

I then decided to open up .my anatomy book by Andrew Loomis and do some extra studies to further understand the face. Here they are:

28th October 2012 - 3
28th October 2012 - 4
28th October 2012 - 5
28th October 2012 - 6
28th October 2012 - 1
Then I decided to try and paint another face:
2nd Sketch (with study)
Then we had our next class. It was centred on colour theory this time. We learned about complimentary colours and how and when they appear. We then had to draw and colour some spheres with correct complimentary colours used for the shadows. This is what I came up with:
Lighted Spere Homework - MathiasJ
My mentor told me that I had to make the spheres more realistic. We were all assigned the same task again, but this time we had to use what we had learned. I will be uploading this, the next homework assignment tomorrow as I don’t want to upload it before the class takes place.
Last night I did another face study. This time of a man:
3rd Sketch
Will be a while before they started looking right I think.
I also did some perspective work while bored. Another class which is taking place on the Crimson Daggers forum. The mentor of the class breaks down the use of perspective very well and makes it very interesting. I actually rather enjoyed doing this yesterday:
28th October 2012 - 2
28th October 2012 - 7
My current goal is to be able to paint at least recognizable faces by Christmas time. Have to get some homework done for the education I am taking at work, but after that I will just have to study for exams it so I will have more time to focus on painting. I am really starting to enjoy this learning process, even though it can be painful at times.
That’s all for this time.


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