New Portrait Study

On 12 February, 2013 by mathjorgensen

Portrait 001

A friend of mine who is a website designer told me I should give WordPress a try. Following his advice here we are, same blog, different address and a brand spanking new look!


I thought I would have to actually post an image to mark this change so here’s what I was working on earlier this evening.


It’s been a while since I posted last, but I have been working fairly hard.

I am now attending a life drawing class on a weekly basis which is good fun and I really think I am learning a lot from it, even though it can be frustrating as well. The people there are really nice though and it’s nice to get out a bit more and meet new people.

I have also started to do a fine liner sketch every day. Every week I have a new topic, so far they’ve been simple topics like bugs/insects, plants, motorcycles and this week I am drawing fish. I do six photo studies from Monday to Saturday and then on Sunday I make something up from my imagination and what I’ve learned previously. I really like it so far because it’s forcing me to try new shapes and forms and it is also really helping to expand my visual library. It’s also damn fun and makes my lunch break more interesting than just reading news or watching videos on the internet.

As it’s rather late I will end this post here, however, I will try to get into a habit of posting frequently again. I am currently trying to teach myself a new schedule and routine which is taking me longer than expected, but I am getting there!


Till next time.



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