New portrait and head studies

On 11 August, 2013 by eraza

Hey again,

Last weekend I went to the Victoria and Albert museum here in London to have a look around as I heard they had a lot of nice exhibitions, and indeed they did.

Sculptures, drawings, historical items, iron work, carvings, clothing, decor. The place had everything and I doubt I even managed to see 1/3 while I was there for 4-5 hours time.

While there I took a lot of pictures but also decided to make use of their fine sculpture section and do a bit of drawing. So I sat down for 2.5 hours or so and drew the portrait of a merchant. Or at least tried to. This is what came out:

Portrait 008


I’ve started going to life drawing classes again every Monday. Man it’s exhausting. Not the drawing itself so much as I rather enjoy it, but it ends up being a really long day and it’s hard to have dinner so end up with pretty low energy when I get home around 11pm.

I heard of a portrait drawing session while at the figure drawing class though and want to check it out. However, the models (the attendees) only sit for 15 minutes each which is a rather short amount of time considering my usual portraits take about 2 hours to complete.

I’ve taken up the challenge though and been doing some basic head studies to be able to quickly lay down proportions. Not as quick as I’d like it to be as of now but that’ll come once I get more confident with the process. Here are some of the studies I’ve been doing:

Head Study 002

Head Study 003

Head Study 001


The portrait sessions are on Wednesdays and are also located about an hour from where I live so another day of the week where I’ll be dirt tired and hungry, but they are free so I would just have to pay for travel expense and a beer or two (sessions take place in the backroom of a pub. Aw yeah!) Will have to see if my finances can keep up with doing life drawing once a week plus portrait drawing. Hopefully it will, if not I might have to be a bit more selective.

Been trying to work on some digital stuff as well but haven’t come to grips with it yet and it’s so incredibly basic that I don’t want to bother posting it here. Hopefully I’ll figure it out some day… have to really or there won’t be a future career for me! Oh no!

That’s it for now,



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