Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain Profile prep. #2

On 16 June, 2013 by eraza

Hey again,

As I mentioned earlier I have been working on some preparation drawings of profile pictures to get myself ready for drawing a friend of mine.

First I did the Da Vinci drawings, then I decided to try and draw some photographs of people from the internet.

I told my friend that he can watch a movie while I draw him so as to not get bored by just sitting there. With this in mind I gave myself 2 hours to draw these drawings and then put the pencil down to see where I managed to get.

I am rather happy with the results. Oddly enough though, I personally think my first drawing was the best, however, this may be due to me using a lot of graphite for shading on the following 2 and especially using a blending stump on the 2nd one which I am apparently not so good at! Though I also think that the general features are much clearer on the 1st drawing. That part I am not too happy about, but I did much better than I thought I would overall as I thought I would have to really practise to get a passable result in just 2 hours.

Here’s what I came up with:

Profile Prep. #1

Profile Prep. #2

Profile prep. #3

Next up will be doing the real thing. Drawing a profile drawing of my friend in 2 hours. Here’s hoping my preparation will pay off!




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