Daily Drawings – Week 1 “Beetles and Insects”

On 13 February, 2013 by mathjorgensen

Hi again,

A few weeks ago I started doing daily sketches. The way it works is that every week I choose a topic such as “Insects” and then I draw one insect a day during my lunch break at work (and at home during the weekends) to try and better understand the subject. Then, on Sundays I draw the subject from imagination and hopefully will have understood enough to come up with something believable.

It’s rather fun so far and it has definitely made me tackle some subject matters that I have been unfamiliar with so far (which granted, does include a lot of things!)

Below are the sketches I did for the first week where the subject matter was “Beetles and insects”:

Beetle-Insect #2 Beetle-Insect #3 Beetle-Insect #4 Beetles-Insects #5 Beetles-Insects #6  Beetle-Insect #1 Beetles-Insects #7

I will try to upload these sketches on the blog on a weekly basis.

Next week’s subject matter is “Plants”

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