CGA Bachelor Application

 Application for The Animation Workshop Computer Graphic Arts Program, March 2015

Letter of intention

Hi there,


I’m Mathias, a 25 year old artist from Kolding here in Denmark and I would love to join your Computer Graphic Arts bachelor program.


A few years back, going out of high school, my eyes were opened to the fact that drawing, painting and art are developed skills and not necessarily something you have to be born with as I had been led to believe growing up. Since then I’ve been drawing and painting in my spare time, trying to teach myself using books, videos, learning with others through the internet and any other resource that might help me take even a small  step forward.


I mostly draw and paint using mainly pencils and digital drawing/painting tools but also sometimes use watercolours and recently gouache, markers and ink. I enjoy landscapes and scenes and painting colour and light and more recently architecture and props.


I’ve always enjoyed the challenge and immersion of video games and one day I purchased a collector’s edition expansion pack to the game World of Warcraft and with it came an “Art of” book which I flipped through and for some reason only upon seeing the concept art behind the game did it click for me that there were people whose job it was to dream up and build these awe inspiring and amazing worlds which left me breathless and I hope that one day I can make viewers stop for a second and yearn to explore fictional lands if only a tiny bit.


Having tried different types of art over the last few years I’ve found lots of art styles and artists that really resonate with me such as hatching techniques, rough sketches, fine line weight and perspective drawing. However, my number one art passion is definitely colour and light. Seeing artists subtly weave colours and light into a scene so that for an instant you feel part of it continues to blow my mind and every time I think that now I must be getting sick of it, I stumble upon something new which sparks my interest and leaves me completely awestruck.


I’ve found both old masters and contemporary artists who never fail to bring this sense of wonder into their work. Old artists such as Albert Bierstadt, Thomas Moran and John Martin and contemporary artists like Nathan Fowkes, Noah Bradley and Tyler Edlin. I hope to slowly bring  even an inkling of their vision into my own work in the hopes of it driving and intriguing others as it does me.


I wish it was as easy for me to name my favourite stories, movies, games and such, I’ve always been terrible at picking favourites! Not when it comes to visual arts though. I recently watched the animation film Book of Life and I swear every single frame of that film is filled to the brim with amazing design, culture, atmosphere and life. While there’s definitely a lot of pre-existing culture to base South American design on I think the team behind the Book of Life took it to whole new levels and it’s definitely a film I will be rewatching again and again, helps that the story was quite dynamic and fun as well though. When it comes to games the ones that have stuck with me the most have been online roleplaying ones such as World of Warcraft, even though its polygons are so jagged that you can cut yourself on them, I still think the general atmosphere of the game world can’t be denied – every zone in the game is so meticulously designed that they all have their own feeling to them. Similarly the game Guild Wars 2 has absolutely astounding world design with an incredibly rich and organic environment which is a breath fresh air in a genre where copy/pasting elements can leave some areas feeling plotted and industrial instead of wildly grown by nature. Other than that I am currently trying to persuade myself to get the newly released platformer game Ori and the Blind Forest which looks like one of the rare experiences of merging the deep story and visual style of an animation project with engaging and challenging gameplay.


While art has been a small part of my life for the last few years it’s not till recently that I’ve really understood what art can be and do and I hope to one day get to work with it for a living. I want to create worlds for people to explore and lose themselves in. I want to be part of the creative efforts of a whole team that sets out to bring a project to life together. I want to be able to make a living off of art so that I can pursue it fully and without worry and still find time and put the energy into every other aspect of life such as socializing, friendship and family so that I won’t feel trapped between the two.


I was offered a job in London straight out of high school and went there to try to stand on my own. I made some great friends and enjoyed it even though it got very hectic at times. I worked at a small market research company for three years where we received a subpar pay and compensation while having to endure a lot of harsh deadlines, unpaid late nights and weekends and a constantly lingering sense in the air that you’re easily replaceable. After having experienced that I realised that I want more from life than that. I don’t expect life as a working artist to be amazing and fulfilling and kittens and rainbows. A job is a job even if it’s something you enjoy, the difference is that if you do something you like you won’t mind as much when it gets rough and you’ll constantly be pushing for discovery and improving your work, and when the job does get fun, it’s incomparable.



I would like to join your CGA bachelor program because I’ve been trying to teach myself and while I’ve made progress I feel like the directed teachings of professionals in a driven community environment with other students to work with would bring me so much more than what I’ve been able to achieve on my own. While I am hoping to focus more on 2D art in the future I think the 3D side of the program would definitely give me some skills that would transfer over to and enhance my future work in digital painting, I am especially impressed at the amazing design language and the lovely colour and light that your students bring into their work. I’ve also heard from friends that once you become comfortable with 3D and sculpting programs it can help you visualize things better.
Speaking of 3D programs here’s a list of my software knowledge:

Windows user – never used a Mac

Tablet digitizer – line work control is still difficult for me but painting and general use is comfortable

Microsoft Office 2007 package – Proficient


Photoshop – Mainly use for digital painting, basic photo manipulation, basic graphic design

Google SketchUp – Basic skills, few simple models made for tricky perspective

Sculptris – Basic models made, would have to relearn interface

Maya – Basic models made years ago, would have to fully relearn

Windows Movie Maker – Basic video editing, made 3-4 min. review video clips at previous job


When it comes to making all this work financially I’ve taken a look at your estimated expenditure during the program and think it should work out fine with the money I have saved up alongside SU. I am also planning to take a part time job if possible or slowly start freelancing to help out. It will be an intense couple years but I fully believe the end results far outweigh the cost.


Thank you. I look forward to hearing your feedback. You will find my portfolio in the following pages.


Best regards,


Mathias Jørgensen


Background Drawings

Shaman's Hut


The Attic


Evil Wizard's Retirement Home Room


Grandfather's House

Secret Ingredient


Character designs

Characters Grouped


The Kid

Evil Wizard





Life drawings

07-03-15 Figure Drawing

08-03-15 Figure Drawing

09-03-15 Figure Drawing

10-03-15 Figure Drawing

11-03-15 Figure Drawing

12-03-15 Figure Drawing

13-03-15 Figure Drawing

14-03-15 Figure Drawing

 Personal work

Xander's Christmas Gift RGB SMALL




Value & Colour

01-23-15 - Ctrl+paint Basic Rendering 1

24-04-14 Ceramic Horse Study


Colour Comps LANDSCAPE

Colour Comp PORTRAIT





Portrait 009

01-05-14 - Portrait 002

Profile Prep. #1

Day 15 - Profile Drawing of Phill

Day 17 - Portrait drawing of Edward Steichen

Troublemakers Session 025 - Traditional painting

Portrait 007



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