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Hey hey,

After having drawn my friend I went into the next chapter which is all about perceiving lights, shadows and the gestalt.

This chapter is mainly theoretical though includes a few small assignments, the first of which you will find below.

It introduced me to Frontal view portraiture where I had to learn the following landmarks, proportions and relations of the human face seen from the front:

Day 16 - Frontal view diagram (2)

Then the author started going into 3/4 view portraiture and asked me to observe myself in the mirror and understand the various landmarks, proportions and relations using myself as reference and then suddenly asked me to draw myself out of nowhere. I didn’t expect to be doing this (and may have misunderstood the instructions!) seeing as in two assigments’ time I will be doing the final self-portrait, but as I couldn’t see how the instructions should be understood in any other way I went with it and managed to draw this 3/4 portrait of myself:

Day 16 - Three Quarter Self-portrait practise


Not quite sure about this supposed “self-portrait” as only parts of it look like me, but from what I can tell I at least managed to get the proportions and relations pretty close to that of a face. Guess I have to work more on creating the right likeness. Unfortunately I don’t have a mirror so I had to rely on my trusty laptop webcam which isn’t the best so I had a hard time seeing the detailed shapes in the nosebridge/eye area which lead to a lot of simplified shapes but ahh well.

Also, I am a rather nice and calm guy, but apparently when I concentrate I look all kinds of angry, may need to work on that so I don’t freak people out…

That’s it for now though. Heading out with some friends later, but am hoping I’ll have the time in the evening to get the next assignment done which is a detail drawing of a 3/4 view shaded profile. Fun, fun!

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