Adrian Smith sketch studies

On 1 July, 2013 by eraza

Hey hey,

Here are the studies I have been working on during my lunch breaks at work.

I tried to copy some creature portraits from the English artist Adrian Smith, who is best known for his work with the Warhammer game among other things. I really admire his line work and always find myself completely lost in it!

Here’s an example of some of his creatures I tried to study:

If you’re interested in his work you can check out one of his galleries here:

Each of these took me about 2 hours to do. I really learned a lot from doing this!

Disclaimer: below creatures were NOT created by me. I simply tried to copy them to get a better understanding of shading and facial features.

Adrian Smith Study 001

Adrian Smith Study 003

Adrian Smith Study 002


I may do one more of these types of studies at work, but not completely sure yet.

That’s it for now,




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