1st Update

On 16 April, 2012 by mathjorgensen
Greetings again!
Been a while since my first post, this has mainly been due to me being busy drawing all that you will be seeing further down below.
So this is my first update posting actual work. I am working from the book “Figure Drawing For All It’s Worth” by Andrew Loomis. It’s a book that takes a look at the human body and the different approaches and techniques used in drawing it and so far this book has paid its worth back in kind!
Though they look like advanced stick-men, the figures below mimic the most basic shapes that the human skeleton and body have and are fundamentals for understanding how to draw humans. Without knowing what the underlying bone structure of the body looks like, drawings have a tendency to look rubbery and more like elastic action figures.
I am not in ANY stretch of the imagination capturing these as they really should look like, but after having drawn so many, I am now moving onto fleshing out the body to give myself a bit of variety. I will be revisiting this human skeletal structure later on at which point it will hopefully look a lot better.
Without further ado, here they are:
Basic - front 1
Basic male manikin – front
Basic - front 2
Basic male  manikin Рfront freehand
Basic - front 3
Basic male manikin – front diff. sizes
Basic - side 1
Basic male manikin – side
Basic - side 2
Basic male manikin – side freehand
Basic - side 3
Basic male manikin – side diff. sizes
Basic - mix
Basic male manikin – mix
Advanced - front 1
Advanced male manikin – front
Advanced - side 1
Advanced male manikin -side
Advanced - back
Advanced male manikin – back
Advanced - 3-4 front
Advanced male manikin – 3/4 front
Advanced - 3-4 back
Advanced male manikin – 3/4 back
Action poses 2
Action poses
Action poses 1
 Action poses
Pelvises !
Till next time

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